unser Unternehmen hat sich seit über 10 Jahren auf die Entwicklung und Herstellung von hochwertigen Mundstücken für Klarinette und Saxophon spezialisiert. Auf den folgenden Seiten finden Sie Informationen über Mundstücke für B-Klarinette, Es-Klarinette, Bassetthorn und Bassklarinette, Sopran-, Alt-, Tenor- und Bariton-Saxophonmundstücke, abgestimmte Systeme für Schüler und Solisten wie beispielsweise unser PlayEasy-System, die Serie Solist, Wenzel Fuchs oder die Lars Mlekusch-Serie, Sonderanfertigungen, Solistenmundstücke in Holz, Kautschuk oder Kunststoff, Mundstückkopien, Bahnbearbeitungen, Produktentwicklung und Klangdesign, Beratung, Vorträge und Workshops, Zubehör wie Titanringe, Ligaturen, Blattschrauben in Titan oder Aluminium, Légère Reeds und noch vieles mehr...

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  • The Clarinotts

    Principal Clarinets of the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonics
    The Clarinotts
  • S. Meyer & R. Wehle

    Renowned Soloists and Professors at the Lübeck University of Music
    S. Meyer & R. Wehle
  • Wenzel Fuchs

    Principal Clarinet of the Berlin Philharmonics
    Wenzel Fuchs
  • Our team

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    Our team
  • Karl Leister

    Living clarinetist legend
    Karl Leister
  • Anthony McGill

    Principal Clarinet of the Metropolitan Opera
    Anthony McGill
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    Service & Assistance
  • Lars Mlekusch

    Soloist & Professor for Saxophone at Konservatorium Wien University
    Lars Mlekusch
  • Mate Bekavac

    International Soloist
    Mate Bekavac
  • Steve Cohen

    Professor at Northwestern University of Chicago
    Steve Cohen

FALL SEASON SALE, starting today...

All our PlayEasy B1-, PlayEasy B2-, PlayEasy B3- and Solist M-mouthpieces (French/German)

are now € 150,- instead of € 180,- per mouthpiece (incl. tax)!

For a short term only, so don’t hesitate to place your order right away

by using the following contact form...


This offer is only available to binding orders of private customers!



The waiting has paid off – starting today we will accept the first orders for reeds of our new PLAYNICK-REED-PROGRAM!

After countless calls for support we decided to go our own way, the PLAYNICK-REED-PROGRAM is the result of an ambitious idea – never stop getting better!

+ focused sound

+ great response

+ individual preparation possible, grindable as wood

+ longlasting and stable

+ soft sound

+ no cracks

The „White Cut“ will be available in strengths Soft, Soft/Medium, Medium, Medium/Hard and Hard and will be sold in a 6-Pack for sensational € 36,00,- incl. tax. Consignments on approval are not possible - therefor you decide on your own which strengths your 6-Pack should include!

What are you waiting for? Use our contact form for your order...

Now hiring!

Dear friends of Playnick, we are looking for an additional associate in our production as well as an assistent of the CEO for our company located near Graz in the South of Austria.

Both jobs are fulltime or in combination with musical activity possible.

YOU are interested? Then please submit your application to office@playnick.at - we are looking forward to meeting YOU!

Titanium for the ideal vibration

Almost every single day we receive wonderful feedbacks on our titanium ligatures for the whole clarinet and saxophone family because a ligature does not only attach the reed to the mouthpiece, it has a significant influence on the vibration behaviour of the reed as well. We design our ligatures so that they are perfectly adjusted to our mouthpieces – as a result you can feel and hear the improved response, much more brilliance and a far higher capacity of sound when you play.

YOU don’t own a titanium ligature yet?!

Then hopefully these ENTHUSIASTIC FEEDBACKS from national and international professional as well as amateur musicians will convince you of getting yourself a titanium ligature too...

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The time has come
- after hesitating and preparing for quite a while we are now finally on Facebook...


The TV Crew of Servus TV Krone Magazine visited PLAYNICK.

To watch the report please click here...