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    The Clarinotts
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    Renowned Soloists and Professors at the Lübeck University of Music
    S. Meyer & R. Wehle
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    Principal Clarinet of the Berlin Philharmonics
    Wenzel Fuchs
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  • Lars Mlekusch

    Soloist & Professor for Saxophone at Konservatorium Wien University
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  • Steve Cohen

    Professor at Northwestern University of Chicago
    Steve Cohen


For more than one decade our PlayEasy series
has been one of the most successful products on the market. 

 Time has come now to make the next step into the future:

We are about to start into the „NEXT GENERATION“:

In MARCH 2018 our new series of mouthpieces
for clarinets and saxophone will be launched!

This means that the production of our existing PlayEasy mouthpieces 
as well as our series Solist  (Solist M, Solist W. Fuchs und Carina B)
and our saxophone series Lars Mlekusch
will be completely shut down by the end of March 2018!

All our retailers and customers will have the possibility
to purchase these products until the 31st March 2018.

Therefore please use our contact form
write us an e-mail (office@playnick.at)!



Next generation: Playnick-Reed-Program ... WHITE CUT

A long journey is over. The next generation of reeds is here!

It is done ... 
we have finally developed our own series of synthetic reeds
for French mouthpiece models and we now proudly present:

our lower priced series for:

* amateurs
* semiprofessional clarinet players

# grindable as wood   # long-lasting and stable
# soft sound   # brilliant pianissimo  
# hygienically completely safe to use
# great response   # no cracks

Price: 6 pieces for Euro 30,- (excl. tax)

Available in the strenghts:
Soft, Medium/Soft, Medium, Medium/Hard and Hard

You can decide on your own,
which strenghts
your pack of 6 pcs. should contain.

We would be very happy to have your orders 
by completing our contact form!
(No sending of samples!)

Next generation: Playnick-Reed-Program ... MASTER CUT

"The best synthetic reed ... ever!"

The second of our new series of synthetic reeds 
for French mouthpiece models has the agreeable-sounding name:


developed and produced for:

* professional clarinet players
* all those who look for the highest quality of sound and playing manners 

# grindable as wood   # long-lasting and stable
# soft sound   # brilliant pianissimo  
# hygienically completely safte to use
# great response   # no cracks

Price: 3 reeds for Euro 30,- (excl. tax)

Available in the strengths:
Soft, Medium/Soft, Medium, Medium/Hard and Hard

You can decide on your own which mix of strengths 
you would like to receive in your elegant Master-Cut-Box.

We would be very happy to have your orders 
by completing our contact form!
(No sending of samples!)

Limited Edition commemorating 150 years of „Blue Danube“ Waltz of J. Strauss


150 years ... "BLUE DANUBE" Waltz 

150 years ... GREETINGS from Austria

150 mouthpieces ... JOHANN STRAUSS 

Exactly 150 years ago - in 1867 - 

the "Blue Danube" Waltz of Johann Strauss was performed for the first time in Vienna.

Since that moment this unofficial "Austrian National Anthem" is presented as
a peaceful message to the world

not only on the occasion of the "New Year's Concert
of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra! 

 has taken this event as an occasion to publish 
shaped in a very elegant STRAUSS design!

Please lern more about our special edition "Made in Austria"!

For any questions or orders please use our contact form!

Limited Edition commemorating the 225th anniversary of W.A.Mozart′s death

Exactly 225 years ago on December 5th Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died, the musical legacy of this „child prodigy“ nowadays is somehow World Cultural Heritage. On the occasion of this anniversary we are proud to present a special series with the Mozart-design...

  For € 300,- excl. tax you get:

- a mouthpiece made out of 100% hard rubber in noble wooden timbre (featuring our B2-facing),

- a leather ligature 

- and an oak-wood cap with the signature of the genius himself. 

Only 200 copies of this very special

Limited Edition have been produced!


For any questions or orders please use our contact form!