Setting new standards

With intuition and the highest possible standard of technical development, we continuously set new standards. Our technology park and our applied production technology reflect all modern methods, how individual serial production can be realized in the 21st century. We offer solutions where others are still searching ...

Mouthpieces – worldwide unique production technology

After several years of development, together with the company Resch, prototype construction, we have succeeded in producing mouthpieces fully automatically – out of any material and in any form, with the help of a five-axle CNC milling and turning center of highest precision. Thus, we are open for all your wishes concerning design, chamber, bore, length, diameter, facing and selection of material.

Fully automatically means fully automatically: the applied production technique does not require any insecure clamping, reclamping, readjustment, refacing, repolishing or other manual corrections. Thus, we can guarantee the highest possible flexibility and sustainability of our products at a surprisingly low price.

Materials – sound variety at its best 

For the production of our goods, we have a wide range of materials with food approval of common high-performance plastics, composites, woods, hard rubber mixtures as well as metals and their alloys at our disposal. Furthermore, we continuously test materials for their sound and vibration characteristics. Thus, new color shadings and sound patterns can be found for your individual expression on the instrument and your specific way of playing with your familiar facing. Some of these materials are also available as standard for our products.

Facings – perfectly adjusted systems for students and soloists

We use an own software for our facing development for years. It gives us the possibility to simulate the facing, the reed and the ligature on the computer. Additionally, the interplay of all components can be analyzed, while taking into account the individual pressure point, the tension behavior of the ligature and the vibration behavior of the reed through all registers. This way, we design facings that are ideally adjusted to a particular brand of reeds or are particularly suitable for your embouchure, which again has a positive effect on responsiveness, sound and playing behavior. Many of these facings are already used by the world’s elite clarinettists and saxophonists, not only because of their convincing sound quality and balance in all registers, but also due to their good compatibility with particular brands of reeds. By means of this technology, we succeeded for the first time worldwide in designing facings for plastic reeds, which have also convinced the principals of the Vienna and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra for many years.

Ligatures – step by step more enjoyment of playing

A ligature does not only attach your reed to a mouthpiece, it also influences the vibration behavior of your reed. Its tension behavior can reduce an additional permanent load for your reed so that the life span of your reed is significantly prolonged. Finally, the ligature also vibrates while playing and therefore carries the sound. We design our ligatures on the computer, optimally suitable for your mouthpiece and reed. Thus we can guarantee perfect suitability in tension behavior. Afterwards we laser-sinter the ligatures precisely in their form, in different precious metals such as titanium, aluminum or stainless steel. The best method for the best result. Again, we can fulfill every free form and meet each customer’s wish. No blanking, bending or adjustment to diverse circumstances, our metal ligatures are not producible with conventional manufacturing methods.