Bass clarinet
Bass clarinet

Bass clarinet

For French bass clarinet we offer a few very interesting combinations, first and foremost our two
top-selling models "PlayEasy Bass" and "FUN":

PlayEasy Bass                                                                                                    € 240,- *

This mouthpiece is adjusted to Légère Classic synthetic reeds for bass clarinet and leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Who would have thought that a bass clarinet could sound that impressive? A little bit less open than the model FUN it is best suited for playing in the orchestra – with this mouthpiece playing the bass clarinet is a real pleasure, even for amateurs!

FUN                                                                                                                           € 240,- *

As the name implies, playing on our FUN-mouthpiece is a huge enjoyment. It has a very open facing and sounds best in combination with traditional wooden reeds. Soloistic and muter in its timbre but definitely with a lot of power – have fun!

  • Special Designs *

    Copies of facings and special designs on request!

* All specifications listed above are about our sales prices – if you don’t obtain our products directly through us, prices may change depending on country and currency. Prices for special designs on request.