A ligature does not only attach the reed to the mouthpiece, it has a significant influence on the vibration behaviour of the reed as well. We design our ligatures so that they are perfectly adjusted to our mouthpieces. As a result you can feel and hear the improved response, much more brilliance and a far higher capacitiy of sound when you play. 

Our new titanium ligatures are available now for all our mouthpieces of the clarinet and saxophone family.

titanium ligature for Bb-clarinet, E-flat clarinet, soprano and alto saxophone €75,00*
titanium ligature for bass clarinet, alto clarinet, tenor and baritone saxophone €96,00*

* All specifications listed above are about our sales prices (excl. VAT)
– if you don’t obtain our products directly through us,
prices may change depending on country and currency.
Prices for special designs on request.