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Wind Bands

Wind Bands

Progress gives a good feeling!

"More than two years ago my musicians started playing on a PlayEasy-mouthpiece in combination with Légère/Nick synthetic reeds and still everybody is fully satisfied. Right after the change to the new material our sound improved extremely - the whole set of clarinets sounds rounder, the annoying roar disappeared completely and even though the instruments stayed the same, the intonation enhanced essentially."

                                                        conductor Martin Burgstaller, marching band Mettmach/Oberösterreich


Since the invention of our PlayEasy system woodwind sections in wind bands are offered completely new possibilities.  Not only can a consistent and homogeneously sound for every level be formed, the intonation and the precise responsiveness can be improved as well. The reliability and stability in sound confince within the first few playing minutes.  

The benefits of PlayEasy at a glance:

• the perfect combination of mouthpiece and Légère synthetic reeds on the highest level

• the solution of all reed problems, no warm up, no dry up, it plays immediately

• precise responsiveness, no roar, stable quality, balanced in all registers

• no more reed adapting, always hygienic

• you never lose your sound quality, even after longer breaks

• the set of clarinets in wind orchestras sounds balanced, in tune and consistently

To choose the right combination of mouthpiece and reed for your personal embouchure a little bit of sensitiveness and trained expertise dealing with our products is required. Therefore please turn to one of our associate companies or contact us directly!