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Dear colleagues,

the daily work in a music school or at the conservatory, the separate exigencies due to wind bands, large group contests, merit badges, competitions, final examinations, ensemble playing and in addition to all that you have to tread the boards as well… - we know what you are talking about! 

To choose the right combination of mouthpiece and reed is (for the reasons listed above) more important than ever because the ideal set-up boosts the learning progress, the playing enthusiasm and the musical success for you and your students.

The products of our PlayEasy system convinced throughout all kinds of exigencies on the modern musician – in competitions and auditions, in concertinos, in diploma examinations, in the orchestra, in wind bands, during professional musical lessons as well as in ensemble playing.

Roberto Gander
(Professor of Clarinet at the "Claudio Monteverdi" Conservatory in Bolzano):

"Without exception my students play on Solist M- and PlayEasy B1-mouthpieces! These mouthpieces just sound great and prepare you for all of today’s playing technique exigencies. The synthetic reeds of Légère are an enormous help – I can certainly say that this fabulous mouthpiece/reed combination opened up a complete new world of sounds. I really appreciate PLAYNICK’s continuous research and further development because their high-quality products have exceptional advantages, in my teaching as well as in my concerts!"

The benefits of PlayEasy at a glance:
•  the reed doesn’t dry up during the music lesson and enables a stable sound quality on the highest level for the teacher

•  no waste of valuable teaching time because of constant reed adapting but therefore more time for musicality, technical skills and learning progress

•  no roar, not even if mouth and air are dry which is a huge benefit in many exam situations

Ask for your best mouthpiece/reed combination, 

your success is our daily business!