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About Music

It is hard to describe which emotions a musician and his/her instrument can evoke – how the sound touches our souls, fills us with joy as well as helplessly moves us to tears. We also consist of vibrations and vibration is always music too. Thus music gives us the freedom to discover.

If you have once tasted the scope of emotional expression, the depth of humane emotions and the power to seduce them, you will understand what it means when present and eternity merge in music. Some sounds never fade away!

A tribute to clarinet

The clarinet is a secret ambassador of these vibrations, of the soft and gentle touch, the thrilling joy of life – a master of seduction – and together with the saxophone, the clarinet with its rich colors and sounds is represented in every popular genre. The brilliant combination of mouthpiece and single reed offers an almost inexhaustible variety of expression: from nothing, quiet, sharp and terrifying, thrilling and intensive, full, soft and smooth, dal niente.

Nick Kückmeier – PLAYNICK

Therefore, Nick Kückmeier, with his company, has set himself the task to support the sounds, colors and possibilities for this group of instruments, to advance the joy in playing and to further the development with new technologies and innovations. One of our primary concerns is to raise the attraction and learning progress, especially among young musicians, and to help professional artists in finding new forms of expression.

The clarinet is more than an ordinary musical instrument. Solely the right combination of mouthpiece and reed will allow you more than ever to speak through your instrument directly and fully from your heart. With our products, we translate your feelings into sound, your joy into music and your ambition into success.