Titanium rings
Titanium rings

Titanium rings

Titanium sound rings – a special feature in sound and playing experience

A hard rubber mouthpiece with a titanium sound ring has unique vibration characteristics. Coordinated and in perfect resonance to the longest wave of the clarinet, the material titanium sounds like no other comparable metal – soft, warm and with enormous sound capacitiy. This innovation is only available as special design for your already existing mouthpiece. It is not possible to send articles with titanium rings on approval.


• Improved response – the sound responds immediately

• The staccato playing resounds much faster, as the sound responds earlier, fuller and more intense.

• The soft and warm hard rubber sound of the mouthpiece is clearer and more stable when playing pianissimo and also reveals much more the technical brilliance of a player especially in the lower and middle range.

• The capacity of sound exceeds other conventional mouthpieces by far, the tone reaches every corner of a concert hall, it particularly balances the often dull-sounding head tones and makes it possible to play a louder forte in all ranges/registers without getting any bright or metallic sound

• The dynamic range is wider. 

• Playing legato is easier and the notes smear together more than ever.