Bb clarinet
Bb clarinet

Bb clarinet

For German playing manner we offer mouthpieces with medium length, open facings - for synthetic reeds (PlayEasy Series) as well as for traditional wooden reeds (Solist Series): 

PlayEasy Series

PlayEasy D1                                                                                                         € 180,- *

The PlayEasy D1 is a narrow, closed facing with good resistance and perfectly adjusted to our Légère/Nick synthetic reeds (German cut). Persons with good breath support will get along very well with this particular model.

PlayEasy D2                                                                                                         € 180,- *

Our PlayEasy D2 is ideal for those who are looking for less resistance and don’t like to take the mouthpiece into the mouth as far as usual. It can be played with Légère/Nick synthetic reeds and is the top-selling model on the German market right now.

PlayEasy D3                                                                                                         € 180,- *

A little bit more open but still muted in his sound characteristics our PlayEasy D3 perfectly completes our product line for German Légère/Nick synthetic reeds and offers a very free blowing and full sound.

PlayEasy B2                                                                                                         € 180,- *

Due to the success of our French PlayEasy B2 mouthpieces we are now offering this German/French facing with convincing sound characteristics on a blank German mouthpiece as well. It is a little bit narrower than the Solist M but it has a beautiful sound, it is well balanced in all registers and combines with broad (French) wooden reeds (V12) or our new synthetic reeds White Cut or Master Cut.

Solist Series

Solist M                                                                                                               € 180,- *

It is impossible to determine how many auditions musicians won using this model over the last few years in Germany. Easy in response, balanced in all registers yet with a smooth sound quality – this mouthpiece sets new standards, also in the French version. It combines perfectly with broad (French) wooden reeds (V12) or our new synthetic reeds White Cut or Master Cut.

  • Special Designs *

    Copies of facings and special designs on request! We'll be happy to provide further facings, such as Solist G3,  Solist RF (based on Ralf Forster), Solist SLK (based on Karl Leister), Solist N1, Solist Z a.s.o. as well - only on request though!

*All specifications listed above are about our sales prices – if you don’t obtain our products directly through us, prices may change depending on country and currency. Prices for special designs on request.