Our PlayEasy B2 stays on the fast lane

„I am so happy with my PlayEasy B2! It is the best clarinet mouthpiece I have found in over 40 years of orchestral performing. It has just the right balance of response and centered sound.

Congratulations on a fine product!

That was/is the enthusiastic feedback from John Reeks, after he recently tested our PlayEasy B2...

John Reeks plays Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Saxophones in the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, he is one of the founding members of the Orchestra and has served as its President as well. He has also worked with the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra and the orchestras of the Santa Fe and Glimmerglass Operas. Furthermore he holds the position of Clarinet Instructor at the faculty of Loyola University College of Music in New Orleans since 1992.

Congratulations to José María Santandreu

It is a pleasure for us to announce that our customer Mister Josè Marìa Santandreu, Principal Clarinet of the Universal Symphony Orchestra and Ensemble d'Arts, just won the World Wide Silver Medal as an instrumentalist (clarinet) AND World Wide Silver Medal for the album "Sounds of the Clarinet" at the Global Music Awards 2015. Congratulations!

"When I was preparing my second recording, I was playing on a PlayEasy B from PLAYNICK. To do this recording was really easy and nice because compositions for clarinet are very different and the styles are quite opposite indeed but my sound is always the same due to the quality of my mouthpiece.

I am playing with the PlayEasy B because it gives me enough flexibility to play different styles of music with different positions as a performer with contemporary or classic music and as a soloist with orchestras or chamber music. I am very happy with my PLAYNICK-mouthpiece!“

Great feedback from Italy

Bruno Di Girolamo, in his capasity as former Principal Clarinet of the „Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino“ as well as the „Orchestra Regionale Toscana“, is holding master classes at home and abroad and acts as judge in national and international competitions. In his hometown Terracina he furthermore founded the „Festival Internazionale Anxur Musica“ and the „AMI“ ("Associazione Mozart Italia").

Since 2014 he is sold on our products, especially our PlayEasy B2:

„I tested the PlayEasy B2 with Vandoren reeds, Steuer reeds, Advantage reeds, Rigotti reeds, Peter Leuthner reeds, etc. - really fantastic, I am very happy with this experience!!!

Congratulations to Nick Kückmeier and his team of PLAYNICK!“

First prize for PlayEasy

Bad Griesbach’s marching band, who already swears by our PlayEasy permanent system for a long time, participated in the Bavarian Orchestra Competition in Munich from November 6th to November 8th 2015. With sensational 24 out of 25 points they came in first!

As a result Bad Griesbach’s marching band will now be the official representative for Bavaria at the German Orchestra Competition 2016 in Ulm. Congratulations and ALL THE BEST for 2016!

 Our PlayEasy system convinces in the US

The longest serving member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, former Principal Michele Zukovsky is one of just a few American Clarinetists playing on a German-system clarinet. Absolutely thrilled about our PlayEasy D2 she says:

„Your mouthpiece is the answer for the modern clarinetist, it has solved all the voicing problems - supremely comfortable and the perfect extension of my voice with a sweet and musically interesting tone. The PlayEasy really plays very easily!!! This is the only mouthpiece I use!"

Recently she added: "I just retired (at the age of 73) from the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra but I am still playing recitals and chamber music and performing with other orchestras. I plan on playing until I am 82 years old, it is just so easy with your mouthpiece!"

We are looking forward to finally meet her personally when maybe next year she stops by in our company to get herself some more PLAYNICK-mouthpieces!

„ECHO Klassik“ 2015 for Andreas Ottensamer


On October 18th 2015 Nina Eichinger and Rolando Villazón presented the international renowned music award „ECHO Klassik“. The „ECHO Klassik“ is the highest honor for recordings a musician can get in Germany.

This year Andreas Ottensamer, Principal Clarinet of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and long-time customer of PLAYNICK, received this award in the category „intrumentalist of the year“.


Together with Nemanja Radulović (violin, rising artist of the year) and the Konzerthausorchester Berlin under Pablo Heras-Casado he performed live at the gala.


backstage interview with Andreas Ottensamer (conducted by star violinist David Garrett) can be found here...

PLAYNICK in the japanese magazine "Pipers"

Robert Borsos in his capacity as Principal Clarinet of the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra in Japan and enthusiastic customer of PLAYNICK for many years has been interviewed for the October issue of the Japanese magazine "Pipers". In this context he also raved about his experiences with our products, which gain more and more popularity throughout Asia these days.

„Your mouthpieces and reeds are awesome – the best combination I ever played! Many thanks to Nick, he really has made a clarinetists life way more enjoyable!“

Follow this way to the article...

Our PlayEasy B1 – a rising star

The classical, closed mouthpiece for easy response and a little bit more resistance now appeals to Greece. In October Mourikis Spyros in his capacity as Principal clarinet of the Athens State Orchestra and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra as well as Professor for clarinet at the conservatory in Athens visited our company to test mouthpieces and synthetic reeds. In the end he favored the PlayEasy B1, just like Fabio Di Casola. He decided on buying not only synthetic reeds and our new titanium ligature but also several PlayEasy B1-mouthpieces!

„Since the very first time I tried PLAYNICK-mouthpieces I felt so excited! Playing with the PlayEasy B1 brings out a warm, rich and dark sound and gives me a lot of flexibility regarding the articulation - so suitable for the orchestra and for my solo concerts!“

Fabio di Casola at PLAYNICK

Fabio di Casola is professor at the Zurich University of the arts, 1st prize winner of the Geneva competition and Swiss Musician of the year. He plays our PlayEasy B1 model in combination with synthetic reeds.

"The main focus for me are the aesthetics of music. To use synthetic material is not inconsistent with that thought. Synthetic reeds allow me to concentrate on the essentials - music is the center again

Fabio di Casola


We congratulate our long-standing client Blaz Sparovec on winning the audition for principal clarinet at the Gürzenich-Orchestra in Cologne (Germany)! 

He plays our PlayEasy B model with synthetic reeds. 

Clarinetfest in Madrid, Spain

This year from July 22 -26 the annual ClarinetFest took place in Madrid (Spain). More than 1500 participants from all over the world met for this special event. There were many concerts in all kinds of different music styles, workshops and a product exhibition. We presented our products and the latest news in Madrid. Platforms like these enable us to put the quality of our products and innovations to the test in front of an international audience.

The response was overwhelming. During the four days of the festival clarinettists nearly overran our stand. The festival was a huge success. ¡Muchísimas gracias to all visitors, to all new and long-standing clients from all over the world!


Satisfied clients of PLAYNICK
Far more than 3000 clients appreciate the quality of our products and innovations. We are getting new requests every day from all over the world. Our international top sellers are the models PlayEasy B2 and the Soloist M.

We don't only like to win over new clients, but also convince our long-standing clients of our work. We frecuently receive very positive feedback and we are really happy about it. 

Joost van Rheeden
, principal clarinet of the North Nederlands Symphony Orchestra (NNO) trusts our  PlayEasy System for many years now. He uses a PlayEasy B model with German bore in combination with a synthetic reed. 

"I am still very enthusiastic about the PlayEasy system. The stability and high quality of this system give me the possibility to entirely focus on making music."

New CD of Daniel Ottensamer

Daniel Ottensamer, principal clarinet of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra, is a native Viennese. For his debut album "My Vienna" with Sony Classical he selected some of his favourite pieces originating from or written in Vienna with the Mozartheum Orchestra Salzburg conducted by Paul Goodwin.

Daniel Ottensamer is convinced of our PlayEasy System since 2009. He plays our Austrian PlayEasy B, combined with a synthetic reed. The last time he visited us he was fascinated by our new model Mouthpeace which has not been released yet. 

SaxOpen in Straßbourg, France

From July 09-14th the 17th World Saxophone Congress and a huge festival took place in the picturesque Straßbourg. During this time 2000 musicians met there and it was a melting pot of nations and musical styles. In the program were more than 450 events related to the saxophone in Straßburg and Elsass. We had the pleasure to welcome many visitors from all over the world an to win over lots of new clients. 

The musicians were really interested in our new materials (carbon fibre) and we had many really interesting encounters, merci beaucoup!

Visitors from near and far

In our Center of Excellence in Höf-Präbach we welcome clients from all over the world. Here we have the possibility to work with the musicians indiviually, to meet with all their particular wishes and adjust the mouthpieces perfectly to the needs of the clients. Our clients appreciate this special service and therefore also accept longer journeys like for example György Salamon (Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra), Milan Polák (Prague Conservatory, Prague Chamber Orchestra), Jurij Jenko (Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra), Ognjen Popovic (University of Arts Belgrade, principal clarinet of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra), Rony Moser (Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra), and many more. 

New CD of Andreas Ottensamer

"Brahms – The Hungarian Connection"
is the second solo album of Andreas Ottensamer. The principal clarinet of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra originates from an Austrian-Hungarian artist family. In the center of his album are works from Johannes Brahms, the German composer, who used to live in Vienna for a long time and was particulary interested in traditional Hungarian folk music as well as his own Hungarian roots.
Andreas Ottensamer plays our Austrian PlayEasy B model in combination with synthetic reeds.

Soloist edition Meyer & Wehle

In close collaboration with Sabine Meyer and Reiner Wehle we created two special mouthpiece models Meyer&Wehle N°3 and N°5.  

„We know Nick Kückmeier for many years now. We share the opinion that you can only test a mouthpiece with a suitable reed. Over the years Nick Kückmeier gained unique know-how and craftsmanship in manufacturing mouthpieces. We are really happy that we developed a mouthpiece that meets our requirements of the classical German tradition and the concept of German sound.“

Sabine Meyer & Reiner Wehle

Saxfestival in Vienna 

Due to the previous huge success the VIENNA SAXFEST took place for the third time from March 9-15th. Renowned saxophonists held master classes and leading international saxophonists and ensembles gave concerts in the most famous concert halls in Vienna. The main focus was on classical saxophone, but also contemporary and electronic music completed the varied program of the festival. During the exposition we presented our classical saxophone mouthpieces to musicians from all over the world and the response was very positive.

NAMM show in Anaheim, Los Angeles

From January 22-25 we presented our products at the NAMM show in Anaheim, Los Angeles for the first time. It is one of the biggest fairs in the music industry.

Our motto was „Austria - where sound was born“. Austria is considered the cradle of music in many ways, also for the clarinet. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote the Concerto in A Major, the most significant work for clarinet. Other composers such as Brahms and Beethoven and many more got inspired by the unique beauty of our landscapes and wrote some of the most important works and famous solo parts in clarinet literature during their stays in Austria. We are aware of this tradition and with our innovations we meet the hightest demands on sound and we constantly work on further developments. The quality of our products convinced once again.