Limited Special Edition

Exactly 225 years ago on December 5th Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died, the musical legacy of this „child prodigy“ nowadays is somehow World Cultural Heritage. On the occasion of this anniversary we are proud to present a special series with the Mozart-design...

For € 300,- excl. tax you get:

- a mouthpiece made out of 100% hard rubber in noble wooden timbre (featuring our B2-facing),

- a leather ligature 

- and an oak-wood cap with the signature of the genius himself. 

Only 200 copies of this very special

Limited Edition have been produced!

International Rotary Music Competition


12-year-old Sofia Mekhonoshina (student of Evgeny Petrov) participated in the Finals of the 14th International Russian Rotary Music Competition in Moscow October 2nd, 2016. We are proud to announce that she came in third, playing on a PLAYNICK-mouthpiece - Congratulations!



We are happy to finally officially introduce our new colleague Michaela Paierl.

She used to work as a house-painter and decorater, lately was employed at a supermarket, is mother of a son and strengthens our team since September 2016. She assists us in production as well as in distribution. 

Musik in kleinen Gruppen

51 ensembles from Austria, South Tyrol und Liechtenstein
met in Graz last weekend and wowed jury as well as audience with their performances at the National Competition of „Musik in kleinen Gruppen“ („Music in small groups/ensembles“) 2016. In the end the woodwind ensemble „4wood“ from Styria, under the direction of Mag. Reinhard Uhl, won the whole competition.

Kristina Klammer (clarinet), Jakob Wohlfahrt (clarinet), Anna Berger (clarinet) and Christopher Klug (bass clarinet) all play on PLAYNICK-mouthpieces in combination with synthetic reeds and were able to take the challenge cup as well as a gift certificate worth € 1.000,- for instruments and accessories home with them. Congratulations!


Huge success at "Saverio Mercadante" in Italy

15-year-old Johanna Anna Magdalena Krech from Frankfurt (Germany) was able to convince the top-class jury at the 12th International Clarinet Competition „Saverio Mercadante“ of her playing and therefor won 1st prize as „Young Soloist“, using a PlayEasy B-mouthpiece in combination with a synthetic reed! Congratulations!

Great Feedback from Switzerland

"My whole life I've played the same mouthpiece, without ever changing it because - nothing was better for me, nothing else ever convinced me. The quality of sound from pp to ff is the one thing I'm always looking for, that was also my concern when I tried the PLAYNICK-mouthpiece. I actually felt very comfortable right from the beginning with the combination PlayEasy B1 + synthetic reed. To make sure I could go on with it I tried it in the orchestra as well and my feelings were totally confirmed!"

Rossana Rossignoli

(Principal Clarinet, Sinfonieorchester Basel)

Visitors from Germany

Recently Mister Stefan Schilling (Principal Clarinet of the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks)

and Mister Thomas Lindhorst (Professor for Clarinet at the Hochschule für Musik in Detmold) visited us

to test PlayEasy B2-mouthpieces and have some facings measured and copied.

Musicians of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra at PLAYNICK

With great pleasure we were able to welcome our longtime friends Rony and Ai Moser in our Center of Excellence yesterday. Rony Moser was furthermore accompanied by his colleague Thomas Gnausch from the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra

They tested mouthpieces, had facings copied and tried the first synthetic reeds out of

the PLAYNICK-REED-PROGRAM – to good effect!

Visitors from Hungary

Istvan Kohan comes from a musician family and started to learn clarinet under his father who is the clarinetist of Budapest Operetta Theatre. He launched his career when he won 1st prize and audience prize at the 11th Tokyo Music Competition in Japan in 2013. On his regular recitals in addition to his wide classical repertory he plays his own compositions and improvises as well.

Yesterday he and his father visited PLAYNICK, chose some new mouthpieces and got a first excited picture of the PLAYNICK-REED-PROGRAM...

Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition

We just came to know that our longtime customer Ki-Deok Park came in first at the "Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition" on May 22nd 2016, playing on our PlayEasy B2-mouthpiece in combination with synthetic reeds! Congratulations!

The video of his performance can be watched here...

"Since I started using the PlayEasy System, I don't have to worry about the inconsistency and time-consuming nature of cane reeds. It helped me increase both my concentration on music making and my efficiency in using practice time. I always feel stable and comfortable performing because of the PlayEasy System. Thank you so much for your phenomenal work!"                                                                   Ki-Deok Park

Nice visitors from Spain

On July 6th 2016 our long-term customer and friend Juan Antonio Fenollar Sala (Principal Clarinet Valencia Municipal Band) and his son stopped by to visit our „Center of Excellence“.

He immediately found fantastic mouthpieces for himself and his students – and also had the opportunity to test our new synthetic reeds for the French clarinet!


PLAYNICK - serving the best players...

Sasha Danilov was born in Moldova and now lives in Vienna. He enjoys a reputation as one of the world-beating klezmer- and worldmusic-clarinetists.

On June 30th 2016  he visited PLAYNICK in order to test mouthpieces, titanium ligatures and synthetic reeds for clarinet and alto saxophone.

Our PlayEasy B3 and Solist M have taken a shine to him right away and so we are already looking forward to another visit of Sasha Danilov - next time he will probably allow for some extra time.

New album released

Pedro Pablo Cámera Toldos 
(longtime customer of PLAYNICK) just finished the production of his new album called


which can be purchased here...

Congratulations to this great recording!


PLAYNICK under Palms

During their stay in Tenerife, Carina and Nick Kückmeier followed the invitation of Pierluigi Bernard – Principal Clarinetist of the Tenerife Symphonic Orchestra as well as Professor of the Conservatorio Profesional de Música – to a personal meeting and  workshop!

Radovan Cavallin, Principal Clarinetist of the Gran Canaria Orchestra - also used the opportunity to jump in and get a first impression of our products! 


We thank you very much, Pierluigi for the warm and successful invitation and would be happy to welcome you here at PLAYNICK in Austria one day!

Titanium for the ideal vibration


Almost every single day we receive wonderful feedbacks on our titanium ligatures for the whole clarinet and saxophone family because a ligature does not only attach the reed to the mouthpiece, it has a significant influence on the vibration behaviour of the reed as well. We design our ligatures so that they are perfectly adjusted to our mouthpieces – as a result you can feel and hear the improved response, much more brilliance and a far higher capacity of sound when you play.

YOU don’t own a titanium ligature yet?!

Then hopefully these ENTHUSIASTIC FEEDBACKS from national and international professional as well as amateur musicians will convince you of getting yourself a titanium ligature too...



After Bad Griesbach’s marching band has participated in the Bavarian Orchestra Competition in Munich from November 6th to November 8th 2015 and (with sensational 24 out of 25 points) came in first they were now the official representative for Bavaria at the German Orchestra Competition 2016 in Ulm. Again they effected a great performance and came in second this time!

Bad Griesbach’s marching band, who already swears by our PlayEasy permanent system for a long time, is now vice champion of Germany - Congratulations!


Find YOUR ideal combination too


Choosing a new mouthpiece-reed-combination can be difficult which is why customers worldwide take advantage of our service of articles sent on approval. Many of them find their ideal combination immediately, not least due to our customer consulting in advance, and are very happy then. Here are some examples:

„Hello PLAYNICK-team! I don’t want to bother but I really got to tell you how fantastic the new mouthpiece is that I just recently chose! I think it is the best I ever had! It’s really fun to play on and I’m super-happy with it, Thank you so much!“

Georg Stimpfle (orchestral musician, Bielefeld Philharmonics)


„Dear PLAYNICK-team, I just received the articles sent on approval – Congratulations to the phantastic mouthpieces!“

Karl Grassegger from Graz, Austria 


„Dear PLAYNICK-team, I’d like to buy 2 mouthpieces – please send me the invoice! And thank you for these really outstanding mouthpieces, Greetings from Berlin!“

Milos Mitrovski (orchestral musician, Deutsche Oper Berlin)

„I tested your mouthpieces and decided very quick. I’m really excited about the easy response of this combination (especially regarding staccato and trilling), the sound is phenomenal in all registers, it opens up completely new scopes for sound design. The biggest advantige though is that the whole range of my instrument sounds equally well! I used to spend 50% of my time choosing and adapting reeds and sometimes became desperate... Greetings and Congratulations to PLAYNICK from Germany to Austria!“

Jost Winter from Holzminden, Germany


Looking for a replacement for his broken mouthpiece Nur Ben Shalom (Freelance Clarinetist) came by spontaneously today...

...and struck soon

- enjoy your new material!


Products for young musicians and those who remain young at heart


Not only young students, professors and musicians from all musical corners but also those who remain young at heart keep discovering our products for themselves:

„After 50 years I have finally found a mouthpiece that is just the way I like it! I will recommend your material to all my students and the clarinetists of my wind orchestra!“

Hans-Jörg Haas (clarinet instructor from Rheinböllen, Germany)


Maarten van de Velde (Scientist for biomedical-technic AND student at the Academia Musica in Enschede, Netherlands) has currently also bought himself a mouthpiece from PLAYNICK and says:

„I am very (!) very happy with the PlayEasy D3 mouthpiece! The sound is nice round and warm in any dynamic range, from piano to forte. I am not quite used to this luxury yet, but my audience is already excited! Thanks to the PlayEasy mouthpiece I got the impression that my old mouthpieces were also good but kind of holding back (also concerning warmth and openness). Especially when I played forte(-issimo)...“

Students trust in our permanent system PlayEasy


To choose the right combination of mouthpiece and reed is especially for students more important than ever because the ideal set-up boosts the learning progress, the playing enthusiasm and the musical success! Therefor students from all over the world trust in our permanent system PlayEasy:

„Since I started using the PlayEasy System, I don't have to worry about the inconsistency and time-consuming nature of cane reeds. It helped me increase both my concentration on music making and my efficiency in using practice time. I always feel stable and comfortable performing because of the PlayEasy System. Thank you so much for your phenomenal work!“

Ki-Deok Park, Student in New York


„The PlayEasy B2-mouthpiece I just bought is really great - I can play on it with ease, the sound is dark and warm in all registers. I wasn’t able to play a beautiful a’’’ with my previous mouthpiece but then I met the PlayEasy B2-mouthpiece... I am very satisfied with it, Thank you! I really appreciate your amazing efforts and hope that your company will remain as successful in the future as you already are now!“

Kinson Leung, Student in Hong Kong


„Your mouthpieces are amazing. Very easy to blow but still with a solid warm and toned timbre, exactly what I was looking for but I wasn't sure which one suits me better so I bought both the PlayEasy B2 and the Solist M. I think mouthpieces should be designed just like yours - the first note you try you know that you like it and that's exactly what your mouthpieces are like! I am very happy with it! I can't wait to go home tonight and start practicing with my new found favorite mouthpieces by PLAYNICK. Thank you!“

Joe Hsu, Student in New York


Very positive feedback from Spain


Juan Antonio Fenollar Sala (Principal Clarinet of the Valencia Municipal Band and the Madrid Academic Orchestra) regularly colaborates with diverse well-known orchestras worldwide (for example the Berlin Philharmonics). He has been a clarinet instructor at the Superior Musical Conservatory of Gran Canaria, is frequently giving master classes in Conservatories and Music Schools and carries out an intense teaching task during the summer. Currently he is a clarinet instructor at the „Allegro Academy“ in Valencia. Furthermore he is a founding member of the Spanish Youth Chamber Music Orchestra.

„I play on a PlayEasy-mouthpiece in combination with synthetic reeds (Nick-Légère) - this combination gives me a lot of flexibility yet with a warm and centered sound. Since I started using this combination, I have discovered new horizons with my clarinet. I can highly recommend the products of PLAYNICK!“


See (or better hear) for yourself...

1st prize at Concours International de Saxophone de Dreux

Xavier Larsson Paez
from Spain won 1st prize in Concours International de Saxophone de Dreux 2016 on his LM2-mouthpiece from PLAYNICK – after countless 1st prizes in national and international competitions within the last 11 years he was able to convince the top-class jury with Claude Delange, Jean-Yves Fourmeau, etc. in Paris! CONGRATULATIONS!

Follow us on Facebook...

The time has come - after hesitating and preparing for quite a while we are now finally on Facebook...

"Zadarski kvartet klarineta" is visiting PLAYNICK

Today the members of "Zadarski kvartet klarineta" (Abdul-Aziz Hussein, Lovre Lucic, Ante Buturic and Ivan Andrijevic) stopped by in our Center of Excellence in Höf-Präbach to pick out material from PLAYNICK. Not only did the 4 musicians (they all are members of the Zagreb Symphony Orchestra as well) find suitable mouthpieces for themselves but also got into our titanium ligature!

Enjoy your new set ups! 


Solist M - a multi-facated mouthpiece

Barbara Borowicz (Professor for Clarinet at the Academy of Music in Krakow as well as prize winner in many national and international competitions) is a well-known clarinettist far beyond the borders of her home country Poland, not least due to the whole lot of masterclasses she has already led in Australia, New Zealand, Georgia, Spain, Hungary and other parts of the world. A few months ago the very alterable artist got herself a Solist M-mouthpiece with titanium ring and is very satisfied with it, like the following feedback demonstrates:

„With my Solist M-mouthpiece with titanium ring from PLAYNICK I can produce a large, deep and warm sound without effort. It allowes me to create a variety of tone colours with precise response in every register. I am fully satisfied with my mouthpiece and I recommend it to all demanding musicans!“

Positive Response from the Saxophone Sector

Cristian Battaglioli
, successful saxophonist with Duo Granato, just recently let us know:

„In November and December 2015 I had to play a lot of concerts and (as always) was a little bit stressed out by the „reed problem“ that every musician knows: will the reed respond the same in every location and acoustics, will every reed sound the way I expect it to?

On the verge of these concerts I tried a LM1-mouthpiece for alto saxophone in combination with a Légère-synthetic reed and was very surprised – within 5 minutes of getting used to this set up the sound was at least as good as with an optimal wooden reed. And what was even more amazing – it was MY sound, the individuality has been preserved by the mouthpiece. Every single note (pianissimo in the lowest register for example) responded immediately, overtones were struck without risk and the whole sound was warm and round.

Most important– I had found a set up that was completely constant for me, Concert situations are hardly ever ideal, you reach the location tired after a long travel, acoustics aren’t alwasy great, it is to warm or to cold, the programm is new, etc. - if then you can at least rely on your equipment it relieves stress enormously. Thank you PLAYNICK!“

Und auch Scotty Stepp (Professor of Saxophone at DePauw University, University of Indianapolis and Indiana State University as well as baritone saxophonist with the Solaire Saxophone Quartet) is also very positive about our mouthpieces for saxophone, he told us:

„I am using your LM1-mouthpiece and I LOVE IT!!!“

We hope you keep enjoying our products!

Restage of Limited Special Edition Meyer&Wehle

Four saxophones and a piano build the one-of-a-kind line-up called Alliage Quintett who’s founder Daniel Gauthier, a longtime customer of PLAYNICK, invited one of the most significant musicians of our time for their latest program: clarinetist Sabine Meyer creates a musical fairy-tale together with the two times ECHO Klassik-award winners... 

is the titel of the album coming out March 11th 2016.

Sabine Meyer is also counted among our clientele, last year we developed two very special facings together with           Reiner Wehle and her. 

Due to the huge success of this limited special edition we now offer another series – make sure to get yourself one of these absolutely unique mouthpieces while stocks last!


We carry out YOUR individual sound idea

Our access to modern technology opens up a whole world of possibilities, no problem are new forms of mouthpieces, bore and chamber, fine-tunings of facings and new materials for an individual sound. We carry out all kinds of individual sound ideas for musicians all over the world and adjust as well as produce copies of facings in a very high quality, as the following feedbacks show:


„I came to have my favourite facing saved on a new mouthpiece and the outcome was phenomenal. Not only could I take two new mouthpieces back home with me but furthermore was my whole mouthpiece stock playable again after several refacings.. Thank you very much for everything!“

(Thomas Meyer, Freelance Clarinetist and Instrumental Teacher from Germany)

„I got the new mouthpiece in my hands, yesterday in the afternoon, and I really am happy about it! What a masterpiece you made! It is really a great job you have done!

My very first impression is that my sound maybe became a little darker, but at the same time all the overtones are much richer, especially in the high register. It feels really very easy to handle and I am very much looking forward to the new titanium ligature which hopefully will make the combination perfect!“

(Leif E. Hellman, Principal Clarinet of the Royal Orchestra in Stockholm)

„Last week I received my order from you and I only want to comment it by one word: P E R F E C T ! ! ! Thank you very much to the whole team of PLAYNICK!“

(Christian Hertel, Freelance Clarinetist/Saxophonist and Instrumental Teacher from Switzerland)


Turn to us with confidence regarding your idea of sound or your specific needs


we always have a sympathetic ear for our customers!

Quality over Quantity

Just recently Nicholas Cox came to visit our company and test as well as buy mouthpieces and synthetic reeds. Due to the high quality standard of all our products he almost immediately chose two perfectly suitable PlayEasy B3-mouthpieces (and 4 synthetic reeds) for himself to buy - out of only a handful mouthpieces and synthetic reeds he had tested. Another proof that quality matters more than quantity, there’s no need to spend hours or even days testing and trying reams of mouthpieces and reeds to find your PERFECT COMBINATION...

Respected as one of the UK's most eminent and personable musicians, Nicholas Cox has been Senior Tutor Clarinet at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester since 2003 and Principal Clarinet of Milton Keynes City Orchestra since 1991. From 1992 to 2014 he also held the position as Principal Clarinet of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and is a frequent guest principal with the UK's finest orchestras. Furthermore he has published several very famous and reputable recordings.

Contemporary Music on our Solist M

After countless positive feedbacks from mainly classical musicians we recently received an excited e-mail from a completely different musical corner

„...one is’ permanently testing and trying material, right now a total waste of time! No other mouthpiece works as great for classical music AND for contemporary playing techniques as your Solist M! Top!“


 Carola Schaal (freelance clarinetist from Hamburg) is not only a founder member of „decoder“ (an ensemble for contemporary music) but also very successful with her solo program for clarinet as well as bass clarinet and live electronics, where she permanently presents new music of young composers and classics like Lemut Lachemnann’s „Dal Niente“ or Salvatore Sciarrino’s „Let me die before I wake“.


Let YOURSELF be persuaded by the quality of our products too

„A sound without warmth isn’t worth anything. Furthermore a mouthpiece needs to relieve or at least enable a good articulation because along with an indispensable warmth repeated notes and staccato are the biggest challenges on woodwinds. Your mouthpieces really help to cope with these challenges:

Thank you!“

Felix-Andreas Genner

Felix-Andreas Genner is assistant Principal Clarinet of the Tonhalle Orchestra in Zürich, instructor at the Zürcher college of arts and just recently became a satisfied customer of PLAYNICK!


We congratulate our long-time customer Markus Fellner on winning the audition for a 2-year-position in the Orchestra College of the State Philharmonic of Nürnberg! 

He trusts in our PlayEasy B model

in combination with synthetic reeds. 

Titanium for the ideal vibration

A ligature does not only attach the reed to the mouthpiece, it has a significant influence on the vibration behaviour of the reed as well. We design our titanium ligatures so that they are perfectly adjusted to our mouthpieces. As a result you can feel and hear the improved response, much more brilliance and a far higher capacitiy of sound when you play.

Denitsa Laffchieva, a standing customer of PLAYNICK, just recently tested our new titanium ligature and was immediately committed to it:


„Thank you very much for your time and for the great products. I really love the new ligature, it perfectly suits my PlayEasy B2 mouthpieces. The sound is very round and dark but still with wonderful articulation, projection and clarity.“

Denitsa Laffchieva made her debut as a soloist at the age of 14 in the Great Bulgaria Hall with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. Numerous national and international competitions and awards, renowned festivals and world premieres built her strong international reputation as the „Bulgarian clarinet prodigy“.

     © Sasha Gusov                      


CD Presentation in Vienna

The Clarinotts are a one-of-a-kind clarinet trio formed of Ernst, Daniel and Andreas Ottensamer – the Principal Clarinettists of the Vienna Philharmonic and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestras.


Since 2009 the three exceptional artists trust in our permanent system PlayEasy and are still sold on it!

On January 8th, 2016 they introduced their debut album in Vienna’s „Haus der Musik“ – Congratulations!

Get a foretaste on what awaits you on this album by watching the following video, it shows the performance of „the clarinotts“ during the interval feature of the Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Concert 2016...