Meyer & Wehle Series
Meyer & Wehle Series

Meyer & Wehle Series

Meyer & Wehle Series

Sabine Meyer is one of the most renowned soloists worldwide. Her special and unique style of sound, which originated from the German school and tradition, has become the embodiment of the German clarinet sound at the present time.

In collaboration with Sabine Meyer and Reiner Wehle we developed two special facings. The combination of these facings with German Steuer S800 (Meyer cut) reeds enables you to experience for yourself the unique style of playing of Sabine Meyer.

The model Meyer&Wehle N°3 has direct and bright sound characteristics and feels a bit more closed. The Meyer&Wehle N°5 has a smooth, round and dark sound.

Both models are not only available for German clarinet, we also developed a Hybrid form for French clarinet!

The limited Meyer&Wehle series is only offered as a set and we don’t send it out for testing!

A set consists of:

  • 1 Bb-clarinet mouthpieces with a Meyer&Wehle facing (either N°3 or N°5)
    2 reeds Steuer S800 (Meyer cut)
    1 ligature and 1 cap (Rovner)

„We know Nick Kückmeier for many years now. We share the opinion that you can only test a mouthpiece with a suitable reed. Over the years Nick Kückmeier gained unique know-how and craftsmanship in manufacturing mouthpieces. We are really happy that we developed a mouthpiece that meets our requirements of the classical German tradition and the concept of German sound.“

Sabine Meyer & Reiner Wehle