Feedbacks, Titanium Ligature
Feedbacks, Titanium Ligature

Feedbacks, Titanium Ligature

„Again and again I have been looking for an alternative to the traditional but circuitous string ligature, until I finally discovered the new titanium ligature of PLAYNICK. The vibration characteristics of the reed are the same (if not even better) as with a string litagure but there’s no tying necessary anymore, readjusting is easily possible at any time. I can highly recommend the new titanium ligature to every clarinetist, it has really proved it’s worth in my daily work – for classical music as well as every kind of entertainment or easy listening music.“

Roland Kohler (Instrumental Instructor for Clarinet from Germany, leader of the "Neuen Böhmischen Blasmusik")

„The new titanium ligature is due to its design optimal for the fixing of the synthetic reed. The reed is able to vibrate freely, the tone is compact and dark and can be controlled. This also applies to the use of wooden reeds. In comparison to a lot of other ligatures, the titanium ligature steps in front definitely. Sometimes the fixation with two screws takes a while, especially in combination with french mouthpieces , but it is worth it. The advantage is that it is possible to change the vibration behaviour of the reed depending on which screw is going to be fixed more. In total, a wonderful ligature which I only can recommend!“

 Stefan Zimmer (Deputy Principal Clarinet of German Radiophilharmony Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern, Germany)

„After a long time of using the Vandoren optimum ligature I recently tried the titanium ligature of PLAYNICK with my PlayEasy B2-mouthpiece as well as with my LM1-mouthpiece (for alto saxophone). Although attaching the titanium ligature takes a while because it is fixed with two screws, the result is truly amazing. The speech is better, more precise and loose, the sound fully homogenous with the possibility to play silent notes easily. For the musician this means less effort and the music flow is given. I am absolutely confident in the combination mouthpiece and titanium ligature by Nick Kückmeier! For more joy in the daily work I can warmly recommend this product combination to all clarinetists and saxophonists. A big thank you to PLAYNICK who does a remarkable job!“

Rémy Schuh (Instrumental Instructor for Clarinet and Saxophone, France)

„I am only a hobby-musician and do not play very well but I really like to play. I personally find that the harmony of the new titanium ligature and the new synthetic reeds is just great. On top, I am able now to play tones in the lower register very easily as I could not before with my old ligature. I highly can recomment the combination of the titanium ligature and the synthetic reeds and I think that musicians who play better than me benefit the most!“
Rita Wander (Hobby-Musician from Germany)

„I just completely switched over to the whole package – PlayEasy B2 in combination with the new titanium ligature, with this kind of combination I am totally satisfied! Response, intonation and sound are definitely better as I had before with my previous material. I absolutely can recommend the products of PLAYNICK!“

 Georg Stankalla (Freelance Clarinetist/Saxophonist and Instrumental Instructor from Germany)

„The model Solist M together with the titanium ligature is an ideal combination for me. This combination allows a warmth, supporting and also a clear, brilliant sound and unites so all advantages of a leather ligature as well as a metal ligature or a ligature with a metal insert. Before I often changed between various ligatures in order to produce a satisfying sound. I do not have this problem due to this wonderful titanium ligature any more. I would recommend PLAYNICK´s titanium ligature in either case!“

Tobias Bischof (Clarinetist from Youth Blasorchestra Northbavarian, Germany)

"With the new titanium ligature I am very satisfied. The titanium ligature helps me to direct the air stream in the mouthpiece better as I am able to do with my old ligature. So I get more air into the mouthpiece and an optimal resistance however remains. The staccato is easier to play also in higher registers and the tones lubricates better together.“

Takashi Inoue (Clarinetist from Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, Japan)

„The new titanium ligature produces in combination with the wooden reeds and the PlayEasy mouthpieces a rich and bright sound, the response is very good and the staccato very easy.“

Karl Grassegger (Instrumental Instructor for Clarinet and Saxophone, Austria)

„Personally I find the titanium ligature wonderful and I am very satisfied with it. I really like to play and I am also hardworking but actually I am only an amateur – despite I feel authorized to recommend the titanium ligature as a great product. I honestly use it with preference and I am always open minded for any innovations and feel really happy when I purchase something which helps me to improve my sound quality. That is why I am also very convinced of PLAYNICK´s mouthpieces and also my music colleagues appreciate these products. Thank you so much for the steady research in this area....“

Gottfried Hofer (Clarinettist from Music Band St.Pauls, Italy)

"I am very happy with the new titanium ligature: better and easier response, fuller sound and better brilliance. I would recommend the titanium ligature in any case!“

Mario Reumüller (Instrumental Instructor for Clarinet and Saxophone, Austria)

„I was able to play the titanium ligature quite a while calmly and have to admit that I am really convinced. I got the impression that with the use of the titanium ligature the reeds vibrate much more freely and it represents a clear improvement as far as articulation and response are concerned In addition especially the combination with the synthetic reeds is excellent. My old ligature is not that direct as I would say the new titanium ligature is relating to the sound but I try to adjust my old combination with harder reeds which also works out quite ok.“

Matthias Mauerer (Deputy Principal Clarinet of Göttinger Symphony Orchestra, Germany)

„In comparison to a common ligature is the sound of the new titanium ligature less attenuated and more brighter. The tone is much more stable because the titanium ligature is unyielding as a normal model. With great joy I purchased the titanium ligature in combination with my new mouthpiece, especially when I think of my upcoming event, the golden musician badge oft he music union Upper/Lowerbavarian.“

Andrea Rimböck (Clarinettist of Music Band Thundorf-Straß, Germany)

„I am very happy and satisfied with the new titanium ligature, that is why I recently ordered another piece for my set-up when I am teaching. I like the excellent response and the balanced sound with high capacity in all registers. In particular, the 2-and 3-painted position stands out through warmth and softness. Especially well works out the combination of the PlayEasy B2 mouthpiece, the synthetic reeds and the titanium ligature. The rich tone colour wiht its attractive and very warm overtones comes the use of good wooden reeds very close in my opinion.“

Christian Hertel (Freelance Clarinettist/Saxophonist and Instrumental Instructor of Switzerland)

„Personally, I think the titanium ligature is still very good, the material is wonderful and does a great job. Especially the reeds vibrate quite freely and that is very very important for me.“

Georg Stimpfle (Clarinettist of Bielefelder Philharmony, Germany)

„The combination of my PlayEasy A mouthpiece with the synthetic reeds and the new titanium ligature is wonderfully rounded. A great, well-coordinated product family.“

 Robert Fischer (Professor at the Music Academy in Graz, Austria)

„The new titanium ligature forms with the combination reed and mouthpiece a new perfect unity. The response improves enormously and it seems like to get in relationship with the instrument because the air is otimally translated. Due to the material titanium the vibrations are greatly strengthened, the sound overtones and gets brillant in the third register. With great joy I want to recommend the new titanium ligature to all clarinettists and wish PLAYNICK continued succes with all my heart!“

 Simon Reitmaier (Freelance Clarinettist, Austria)

„So far I combined my PlayEasy D3 mouthpiece with a „BG L7 SR“ ligature, but the new titanium ligature is definitely an improvement for me – the sound gets clearer and I also would say darker as well as it gains more projection. In addition the response is easier as before when I used my previous ligature. I am very happy with the new titatinium ligature and I will stick to it!“

Martin Pfister (Instrumental Instructor for Clarinet and Saxophone, Germany)

„My personal opinion is that the new titanium ligature gives the sound a clear and centered form, the clarinet tone gains power, more projection and much more brillance. On top the reed gets more tension as for example from a leather ligature. I recommend the titanium ligature in either case!“

Andreas Kerner (Deputy Principal  ES-Clarinet of Federal Police Orchestra in Munic, Germany)