the project
the project

the project

In a short time we will dedicate a separate homepage and blog to this mouthpiece!

The project of global coexistence in peace
is undoubtedly the most important project
in human history and we have it entirely in our own hands.

Music and art in the highest form can only be successful in a free and peaceful coexistence.
It is the duty of every artist
to work on this project.

With the mouthpiece edition "Mouthpeace"
we follow the strong call of the clarinet - it all starts with a nice sound. 

Sound matters!

The Mouthpeace is a hybrid of a small German mouthpiece structure and a French tip opening as well as a typical Viennese sound.

Without much effort and in comination with our Master Cut synthtetic reeds this mouthpiece permits a great and centered sound even for amateurs and beginners - as if this would be the most simple thing in the world! 

Our patented waveline-technology on the inside of the mouthpiece tip makes this great playing pleasure possible.

Available in German, French and Austrian bore with 4 Master Cut - synthetic reeds, ligature and cap for the sensational price of 210 Euro.
Set with ligature cap (instead of the normal cap): 250 Euro.

Mouthpeace – the project - play for it – Playnick