For the Austrian Bb clarinet
For the Austrian Bb clarinet

For the Austrian Bb clarinet

...to be played with our synthetic reeds (series Nommos)
as well as with traditional wooden reeds (Playnick Antique)

In order to enjoy an elitist sound experience we only use
the best hard rubber and the highest quality of material
especially developed for our mouthpieces.

Playnick Antique

KV622 Mozart                                            
€ 240.-*

The most famous clarinet concert in the world served as a standard for this exquisite mouthpiece. Its incomparable sound following the traditional Austrian playing manner (long facing with some resistance) produces the most beautiful tones - complete, velvety and precise with the necessary clarity expression. For mature and experienced players having learnt to cultivate good wooden reeds in Austrian cut. Available with Austrian bore in hard rubber Antique in black. Price: 240 Euro

KV622 Mozart in wooden design                 
€ 260.-*

Take by surprise your clarinet colleagues by presenting them your historical sound consciousness combined with a distinctively designed mouthpiece as it was used by the old masters. Our KV 622 in marbled wood design captivates the attention of everybody. It has a fine texture and structure and make you feel like being part of something special. Sound is harmony – and harmony reflects the beauty of everything. Traditionally closed Austrian facing, Viennese sound, to be played with all stronger wooden reeds in Viennese cut, Austrian bore. Price: 260 Euro

Mozart Set incl. ligature and wooden cap
from € 260.-  *

Oak, ash or varnished maple - whether on stage or in the orchestra pit - a beautiful wooden cap increases even more the value of your beloved instrument. It is the culmination of your personal appreciation of expensive instruments and symbolizes your attachment to a traditional guild. The noble points can be found in each small detail. Delivered with a Rovner Star Series ligature for our KV 622 in black and wooden design, in a high-quality packaging for a surplus of only 20 Euro compared to the simple mouthpiece.

Series Nommos

Nommos Alpha                                            
Mouthpiece: € 240.-*    Set: € 252.-*

With this series we would like to set an example. Audible - convincing - distinctive. Nommos shows that it’s possible to combine opposites having a common message. Think technology and tradition in the future. In combination with our Master Cut synthetic reeds this synthesis is the successor of our successful PlayEasy series and will continue amazing professional clarinet players. Nommos Alpha for the Austrian playing manner in combination with 3 plastic reeds, a ligature and a cap, Austrian bore. Set: 252 Euro, single mouthpiece: 240 Euro

  • Special designs*

    For special designs, mouthpieces for jazz clarinet or dance music, copies of facings or special materials such as wood, carbon or virious synthetic materials - please contact our office.

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